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Countermapping the Humanities

A public humanities research project taking stock of how scholar-activism, democratic and creative knowledge practices, and knowledge from lived experience work toward community-inclusion in public, higher education. 

The CMH Survey is Closed!

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Challenges systems of oppression and connects one’s academic work to the pursuit of social welfare

Public Higher Education

Produces knowledges that serves the public and acts as a site of organizing for social movements

Lived Experience

Disrupts the academy’s traditions of neutrality and objectivity in knowledge-production to center diverse publics

Read more about how the project got started in this blogpost from Humanities for All

An incubator for innovation

Part of the Seminar on Public Engagement & Collaborative Research

The Mellon Seminar on Public Engagement and Collaborative Research at the CUNY Graduate Center is an interdisciplinary platform for creative, activist, and scholarly research.

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This project is committed to public scholarship and has a suite of resources to support CUNY’s public humanities communities.

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Meet the Team

Learn about the unique experiences and perspectives everyone brought to the project.